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a case of don't waste your money. >>> identity thieves made a fortune off the irs, $3.6 billion, paid to the thieves, includes 5500 fraudulent returns filed by a single tax preparer for refunds of $27 million. that is down from $5 billion the agency paid out the year before. the agency caught more tan 12 million suspicious returns, earlier hundreds of identity theft suspects were arrested. >>> the american dream means having a good job, having a nice home. when homeownership goes up, so does unemployment. people are more reluctant to move to find a job once they signed on the a mortgage. homeowners are reluctant to endorse new businesses built in neighborhoods which leads to less hiring overall. >>> maryland is the hot vacation destination. the state attracted 35.5 million visitors. tourism officials say new attractions including the casinos that boost the industry. investments like the national harbor helped, too. >>> now, from abc 2, maryland's most accurate forecast. >> starting off with the most powerful radar, five sweeps scanning clear. no issues in terms of precipitation. a few
's the pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. don't blame yourself, it's buy logical. let's check it out on weird science. researchers from princeton found that it's a widely-felt human response. participants in an experiment were more willing to shock people they felt envious of. >> so why is this part of our human nature? i would say if you're happy for the misfortune of others, there's probably something wrong with you. the first one is an extreme sense of justice. we like it when we see others get what bethink they deserve. the second is extreme loyalty. we cheer for those we like and we boo those we don't. think about sports fans. some of the most aggressive sports fans experience shodenfreuda. the third reason is extreme competitiveness. especially in the workplace. somebody didn't get the promotion, they didn't get the corner office they really wanted. it's really good for productivity, but it's really bad for morale. >> is the kompl tigs the best way to psych people up? or does it want to make us want other people go down? and when they do, it will probably put a little grin on y
year? >> i don't know. it is cool. >> new york has to steal that. >> big day. >> congrats to them. >>> this is a little fella. he isn't really so little. we had to show you. he is nearly five months old from utah. >> he was born by c-section and was 14 pounds even. god bless that mama. and there he is with his 2-year-old sisters. mom says she can't have normal size kids. the twin girls were four pounds each at birth. >> joel, by the way, 23 pounds at his four-month check up. the doctors say he is healthy and growing. >> cute family. >> total cutie pie. future linebacker for brigham young, university. i don't know. >> beautiful sisters. >>> coming up, which celebrity won halloween this year? we will show you cool costumes ahead in "the skinny." >> love costumes. but first, if you are going to have hand me downs, they might as well be from the wealthiest woman in the world. oprah's yard sale is next. you are watching "world news now." ♪ she wants to lead the glamorous life ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by colonial penn life insurance. ♪ >> oprah winfr
revealing the earliest clues of autism ever observed. >> reporter: children with autism don't read emotions or reyes faces. we how can a baby tell you that? watch where their eyes go? that's the key to the study. at emory university, eye tracking software shows what he is looking at. where he x is his focus. >> what the study shows us is there are changes already happening that wouldn't be detectable to the naked eye. >> reporter: they studied a group of 36 children starting at two months old. three years later, they found out which were diagnosed with autism. turns out the children with autism by six months old spend less and less time looking at the eyes. the bigger the change, the more profound the autism was. >> the earlier we diagnose. the earlier we intervene the better the long-term outcome. >> reporter: previous research in boston show used eye tracking to show that babies take emotional cues from faces, from eyes. >> three facial emotions, neutral, happy and fear. >> reporter: we know older children with autism don't make eye contact. now technology has given a way to dete
and i don't have money to help them. this is my only way in helping them is to volunteer. i feel so sad for them. >> reporter: agency workers say relief operation has been a logistical nightmare because victims are spread out in remote islands. impossible to reach when roads are damaged and covered in debris. >> the best option to reach the victims. three american naval ships are on the way equipped with helicopters capable of air dropping these goods and transferring victims. abc news, philippines. >> tesla motors three workers have been injured at the northern california factory where the cars are made. the workers were burnd by hot metal when a casting press malfunctioned. one was seriously hurt and the others suffered minor injuries. >>> in san francisco, a metro train took off yesterday with dozens of passengers on board but left behind the driver. the train traveled a quarter mile before passenger realized what happened and pulled the emergency brakes. investigators say the driver stepped on the platform to check on a problem with the door and the door closed and the train fwhent
generation ipad. now, i don't begrudge these companies for making a profit. but before you trade in, it is worth knowing what that profit is. if you'd sell it directly, you'd almost certainly make more money. trade-in programs make it super easy. but it's because they make a loot of money in return. it's up to you to decide how much your time is worth. just know that going with any professional trade-in program amgs has some financial trade off. my people will be celebrating thanksgivica. >> it's just three weeks away for the first time since 1888, hon can and thanksgiving fall on the same day. >> thank giving always falls in november. and hon can, the jewish festival of lights, usually lands in december. but not this year. than thanksgiveica is making national headlines. >> pret te soon, they'll think thanksgiving started when the yams lasted for eight nights. the unique holiday was featured on the coverf kwt the new yorker kwt. the spinning top will be part of macys thanksgiving day parade. you can find everything thanksgiving. >>> meanwhile, chompies deli has been preparing for w
with kmart free layaway don't let the holidays sneak up on you. and get 5% off toys when you put them on layaway. kmart. get in. get more christmas. average. we'lltalk about a milder set up to finish out the week coming up. . >>> [inaudible] this story is getting weirder by the minute. new video of of ritchey incognito in a profanity laced tirade while out with his teammates president this video shows him shouting the n word and other words. tmz says the video was shot at a team outinger in the year. ritchey >>> new developments tonight in that shooting inside new jersey's largest mall. we toldyou the story as breaking news last night. >> and neighbors remember the gunman as a helpful man but investigators believe the 20- year old wanted to end his life in a dramatic way. theysay he killed himself with a 22 22-caliber rifle he took from his brother. he fired rounds inside the mall. >>> a teacher wounded in that deadly shooting at lax says he crawled for his life and used a sweatshirt as a tourniquet. abullet hit his calf and shattered a bone. he says hewas hit and collapsed again
it simple and stick to the bagsices. that's part of the whole excitement. secondly, don't get fancy with the sauces. >> don't get too fancy with the sauces. let the flavor of the meat come out. >> you see these males and you think they belong in a museum. >> we probably should leave them in the museum. >> and we'll make a good,tasty meal. >> yeah. >> lastly, finish with chocolate. >> if you really want to make her happy, get down there with the deserts and the chocolate. let them relax. they'll love you forever. serving up simple. let matt do it. >> it's anyone's guest as to who's cooking for the holiday pot list that you feel on your calendar. honestly, who knows where that food has been or even what it is. ariel wexler shows how to avoid the sight. >> there's nothing like a good old fashioned pot luck to start the season. just be sure that the food isn't as old as the tradition or it could spoil your celebration. >> do you know what was done to the food before it arrived? >> if anyone knows how you can protect yourself, it's environmental health exz perts. >> the same would apply
for it. i don't know what else i can say. >> well, for flatly denying it, he said he home took drugs on isolated occasions. pressure is expected to increase to force him to resign. he said he will not resign but will also run for reelection next year. >> the hustle and bustle of the holidays is not something people enjoy. the mall is crowded and you're too stressed out to get anything on your shopping list. >> we have the day you should take off from work to enjoy the malls and shopping center. >> forget google glass. google wants to tattoo you to keep you connected. >> hey, mike masco may want to do that. havre de grace. we had flurries here toward cecil county. nothing but blue skies. the question is how cold does it get on the banks of the susquehanna. we answer that in our forecast coming up. so, um, do you want to come up for a coffee? yeah. 'kay... uh... good. so... so, uh... you make yourself at home and i'll be... yeah. right back. sure. (gasp) oh, i th... i thought we were... (deep inhale) (coffee grinder whirring) ooh... with authentic, expertly crafted roasts and legendary
, we start with the -- we don't start with a presumption. it helps drive results. >> now the plan right now is to have you comment, all right and then present inner harbor 2.0 to the city's planning commission early next year. >>> all right. coach harbaugh said ed reed will always be a raven but there's in plans to bring him back. the houston texans cut him. now he's a free agent. he can sign with any team but don't expect the ravens to bring him back. >> well, ed, you know; a raven. he will always be a raven. i'm sure he will be in the hall of fame some day. we kept in touch with ed off and on. he's a good friend of everybody here. there's no plans to change our secondary personnel at this time. we're happy with what we have. >> so reed struggled during his time with the texans, starting the season, he had the surgery and left his starting spot. a team looking for a veteran on the defense might be able to pick him up. >> all right. it is the longest shopping day of the year. >> you can't hit every store on black friday. find out where you will be to find the best black friday deal. >>
themselves. >> what is going on? >> i didn't watch. so that's a great question. [ laughter ] >> don't worry. i'll carry this chat. here's the deal. she gets a perfect score. a lot of people don't get a lot of perfect score and she's the one going home. it doesn't make any sensdo you theory? >> after "showgirls" there was nowhere to go but down. so elizabeth will be all right. >> well, there was show girls. >> how she won the oscar for that i'll never know. >>> today's date is super special. 11-12-13. for so many reasons. that is coming up in "the mix." >>> if you are craving noodles, especially at this hour, we have a treat for you. we are rolling out something tasty from the insomniac kitchen. you are watching "world news now." ♪ i'll always love noodles >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by delsyum. tide pods three-in-one detergent. pop in the drum of any machine... ♪ wash any size load. it dissolves in any temperature, even cold. tide pods. pop in. stand out. >>> a new report is raising red flags over pg-13 rated movies like "transformers." >> the report says
your a-game. >> don't act like you're not impressed. >> i felt compelled to tell you something. today, the museum will unvail an exhibit from the movie anchor man. >> i don't know how to put this, but i'm kind of a big deal. >> plu museums will fieture ron burgundy's ultra stylish suit. >> 620% of the time it works every time. >> fans can have their photo taken behind a news desk. if you can't go, catch him in the few dozen dodge durango commercials. >> and tim gun is back. this time, with a show about bass fishing. i'll just kidding. >> lots of familiar faces from project runway complete with garmin bags and lots of baggage. it starts next november. pop culture. >> very excited about where this can go. >> on the hot list. >> the candles burning on the birthday cakement he started tv, movies. he turns 41 today. >> let's look at the numbes. >> josh was 27 when he took on one of his first acting jobs. ♪ his first movie role was on win a date. he played danny mccoy on the hit show, las vegas. four years is also how long josh dated black eyed peas singing fergie before they got married.
plus account. even if you don't use google plus, you might have an acount. google pluses the plus sign pretty hard. you do have the option to disable shared endorsements. it probably won't begin for most folks until they see one of these ads. from reactions people see online, it just freaks people out. >> thank you, connor. you want to look 10 years younger? that's cra-cra. but we can make you sound 10 years younger. >> is fresh still fresh? >> we're knocking tenl years off of your vocabulary on the break down. >>. >> can you define swag? >> if my kids were here, they would. swag would be something hanging down, like a drapery. >> well, to me, swag means jewelry. >> do you have swag? >> do i? no. very little. >> swag is the type of style you have. the type of clothes you wear. >> justin bieber uses it and he calls it swaggie. >> i had it. i took ten-day course of antibuy o antibuyoltices and i felt fine ever since. >> how about cra-cra? >> it sounds like a type of food. >> a loot of you on craig's list are cra-cra. >> disco is straight up cra-cra. >> can you define yolo? >> oh, i've he
you some cats. this is why we don't have nice things. and there goes another one. the disappearing act. the cat is curious about these water balloons. he just wants to grab onto the orange balloon. what was there is gone. and another balloon lost. >> got a great business idea? all you need now is money from funders. and you want an energy bar that's not just candy in a different wrapper? we've got the healthiest ones coming up on if list. >> leer's the list of the most sold board games ever. number four, scrabble. number tree, backgammon. number two, checkers. and then when you get up -- can i play? no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest, most reliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading, streaming, and chatting. you have that guy all over the football field. thanks, joe! if the running backs don't start picking up the blitz, the quarterback is going to have a long night. is that your sister? look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. [ male announcer ] this is your last chance to switch to a fio
brother believes he only wanted to hurt hills. >> the fact he shot in to the ceiling, we don't think he went in with the intent to shoot anyone. >> he intended to hurt nobody but himself. >> reporter: police say he killed himself with a rifle that he stole from his older brother. the garden plaza mall stayed close as police finished their investigation. >> tonight the community is coming together to raise money for the family of a firefighter killed by his girlfriend's ex. andrew hoffman and his girlfriend were killed. chris robinson then turned the gun on hippings. tonight a bar and grill is holding a fundraiser for the family. it starts at seven and 10% of the money raised will go to the hoffman family. >> hundreds of people already signed up to run for trooper jacqueline klein. it's set for sunday at ten in the morning. last month the trooper was working a traffic stop when she was struck by a car. the money raised from the run will help her along with her recovery. >> parents and students have something to cheer about. we are going to take you inside the new cheerleading program
. this is one of my favorites for the holiday. >> reporter: don't let the slow traffic outside fool you. the flea market is open for business. sweet smells have been coming from the perfume people for 17 years. but robin says the past year and a half has been a struggle. april 2012 the flea market were raided. they bumped vendors selling counterfeited appar really as well as pirated dvds. a handful of venders were arrested but it seems everyone has paid the price. they were only closed a day but legitimate vendors say the public doesn't know that. >> it's been terrible, because people don't understand everything we sell is real. we would like to see people come back. >> i've had customers come a year later thinking we just opened. >> people got afraid. they're afraid to come over here because they think they're going to get blamed for something they didn't do. >> reporter: carla walters, sr., or shorty as he's known ispractically one of the originals. the produce shop has been at the flea market for 22 years. >> i want the public to know a little bit of bad vendors here, 95% good vendor
afternoon in annapolis. >> don harrison spoke to some neighbors who were shaken up. >>> police are trying to find the gunman in the sunday afternoon shootout this. happened on copeland street about 1:00. no one was hit but bullet holes were found in two different town homes. two different types of bullet casings were found. >> it was a lot of gunshots. >> reporter: she lives here with her children. her son heard the shots. the circumstances have her worried. >> it's scary for one thing to be happening in broad daylight. it's ridiculous. >> one of the big concerns is that the shots were fired right by the boys and girls club of annapolis. >> for the safety of the kids, we try this make it a better place but i don't know. it's not right at all. >> by yesterday being sunday, okay. boys and girls club wasn't open. more than likely it was somebody out and about on the basketball court. >> this is the same community where two homicides occurred this year. both of them were domestic disputes. >> whatever was going on or whoever it's going on with this needs to stop. come on, now. when are you go
and rejected. to make matters worse, those with cleft lips and cleft palates often cat speak properly. they don't go to school, and they may never marry or have children. that's why it's so terribly heartbreaking when we have to turn children away. and we turn thousands away each year. many he traveled long hours or even days. their parents have made great sacrifices. and then we have to say, "sorry, not this time. not your child." simply because we don't have enough time and money to help them all. for most, we're their only chance. that's why we need your help. and i want to personally invite you to please join us today and change a child's life forever. >> they're ridiculed, rejected, sometimes even hidden away. every year, over 200,000 children around the world are born with cleft lip or cleft palate into families who cannot afford the surgery to repair it. you can provide a complete surgery for one waiting child right now by becoming an operation ile partner. it costs only $240. just $240 to transform a child's life. over 5000 of the world's top doctors and nurses are standing by to volunt
. they will be able to go online. what the president said today is that the other half, that don't want to go online and get a better deal can stay put. there are some if,s and buts. he is trying to make good on his promise. >> how long before you think this will all be straightened out? >> medicare took years. i don't -- the first year, probably three until things go smoothly. the main point is there are a lot of people in our state and the viewing audience that don't have access to health care and never have and this will help most of them. >> so this is a good deal for some? >> it's a good deal for many. i would say for most and the people that don't think it's a good deal are the ones that are probably going to get more for their buck that have to pay more and then there are some, that's what insurance is about. some are sick, they don't pay the full rate, some are healthy and pay more. your choice is to pay taxes or the insurance company. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> i get it better now. don't you? >> thank you. >> two secret service supervisors on the president's secur
, they are effective. sales went up 25% in october over the same m last year. >> i don't know how to put this. but, i'm kind of a big deal. >> it's definitely a big deal. and some welcome good news for dodge. web traffic sales are up across the brand. and with another month and a half until the movie comes out, can you be sure you're going to be seeing lots of new ads. you stay classy, detroit. >> thank you, conor. today we honor our veterans and all they've given to america. from freedom to the eppi pen. >> yes, that's right. the top five things used by the military that can be found in daily life. >> every time you use your gps, thank the u.s. military. the device is to keep you from getting lost or asking for directions rely on the same satellite set up by the department of defense in the early '90s. former president bill clinton pushed for them to become available to the general public. this device known as the eppi pen can treat an alerj ek reaction with a quick shot of epinephrine. it was designed to protect soldiers from nerve goods and other chemical weapons. let's say there are plenty of thi
defend throwing a ball at players, striking players, verbal abuse, the anti-gay slurs? >> you don't. it's unacceptable. it's something that i'll never get over. >> reporter: rice insists he's changed for the better since the scandal broke in new jersey six months ago. >> there you see him with his wife and his wife during this interview said it has been devastating for their entire family. >> absolutely. his reputation and they have to pay the bills and this is a high-paying job he had and i'm sure that's -- got to get a new career at this point. >> absolutely. and also what save it says about her husband and the environment he might be creating in his own home if this is the way he is treating kids under his belt. >> you hope he's changing. i think everybody deserves a second chance. everybody. >> absolutely. hopefully he has changed and hopefully he gets a second chance and makes it right. >> you will see the full interview on "good morning america" and 20/20 by the way. >>> now we start with the redskins visiting the viking. washington had a ten-point lead at halftime thanks to rg3.
don't know what i would do. >> i get so scared that i run. >> police have not made any arrests. >>> a new housing policy lets students at st. mary's kg live with whoever they want. they will not be randomly be assigned an opposite section roommate without their con isn't -- consent. >>> coming up, you better check the food before you pack your lunch. >> plus, black friday is becoming obsolete. target is announcing when they will open for the holiday season. >> weather wise, some high thin clouds later in the day but the sky is starting to get that winter look out there. it's going to be dark and cold around here soon. we'll talk about how things shape up into the tuesday, wednesday time frame. you'll want to stay tuned for this. complicated as it is. but it gets down right overwhelming when you multiply it by the business of life. all those bills, budgets, accounts and taxes. it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself. at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify the business of life. get b
into monday. don't forget to fall back. by the way, the batteries, smoke detectors. they save millions of homes. >> carbon monoxide, if you have those too. >> like wyatt said, we turn the clocks back and it's a good team to change the batteries in the smoke detector. >> why do we fall back. it's in the exactly the -- he sheds like on how it's not the standard. >> you're not saving time. you're saving daylight time mental puzzles some people why we fall back to standard time. we spend eight months in saving time. world war one is when it was first implemented so pale wouldn't have to turn their lights on as early. most parts of the u.s. home get about nine and a half hours of daylight in the winter time. that's in the much. if we didn't set our clocks back in the fall, sun rise wouldn't be until 8:30 in someplaces. it helps us start our day in the ligh plus, there's that whole extra hour of sleep thing. so less daylight but more sleep. unless you happen to live in arizona or hawaii most parts of arizona and all of hawaii don't observe daylight saving time. they don't have to. it's not r
of fuel that you want it to run on. you don't have to find a service station that's open to get the fuel. it's all right there. we lose power, and the family... you could hear everybody talking from all the rooms, even if we're not in the same room, you hear everybody counting down and laughing and giggling, and of course, in 10 seconds the lights come on, everything powers up and you just go right back to working on the computer or watching a show or a movie. >> the funniest thing was that when the power first went off, within the first 15 minutes we got phone calls from our neighbors who go, "how come you still have power?" >> the fact that i don't have to do anything, i don't have to remove extension cords, i don't have to walk through my whole house, unplug, uh, in the cold, in the rain, in the weather-- it's great. >> when the power goes out, your home is at risk. sump pumps stop and basements flood. well pumps stop and clean running water is no longer available. security systems no longer provide protection. but with the standby generator, all of that changes. you can bathe, cook m
the parents out that says we have a trespasser in our school, we don't know if he's armed, dangerous or not. >> refers to the letter sent home from the school. she dropped her daughter off around 7:45 unknowingly. police cars unusual. skyla and her classmates were shifted to the auditorium. >> some teachers were saying he had a gun. some were saying he had a knife and some were saying he was homeless. >> the confusion caused her to sent her mom a text. she dropped work to take her out of school. >> he could have had a bomb strapped to him. with this day and age, people are crazy doing crazy things. >> police say the response was less than two minutes after a staff member noticed kenneth%uó carpenter lying down in a hallway. he got in by a way of unlocked door. police say we knew where he came in. we followed him on camera to where he was confronted by school staff and mutual cooperation between police and schools allowed for a thorough search of the building. >> you are dealing with other people's children. you shouldn't be that careless. >> 20 minutes after school started, students were
, it's your own fault. that's what he said. the pats aren't for everyone. some women's bodies don't work for it. it's about rubbing through the thighs. that's when his wife, standing next to him, shot him a dirty look. he back pedaled and said oh, the pants are for every woman. >>> if you saw this you might have done a double take. computer models normally sell for $600 it. sold out as word got out. wal-mart assured people that the site was not hacked but honored the mistakenly low, low price. wal-mart said it's still working through the details. >> anyone know if a blockbuster is still open? the company announced they will officially close its remaining stores. there are 300 still open. they will be shut ared by january and they will -- shuttered by january and will discontinue the dvd's by mail. >>> starbucks plans to open five stores on or near military bases that will share profits with the local communities. as a small gesture all vets and their spouse also get a free coffee on veteran's day which is coming up on monday. >> it's a day to celebrate a popular mexican dish. it's
. >> this doesn't show what family means to the maryland state police. i don't know what it is. in addition, the citizens who recognize what the law enforcement officers and the trooper dos everyday, and its their way of expressing appreciation as well. >> the money raised will help cline along a roads to recovery. sign up for the race, we have the information posted. finds it at >>> tomorrow, friends and family will run for heather herd. heather was killed by a truck driver texting while driver. it prompted the family too push for a law banning hands held use of cell phones. the law went in to effect last month, now a primary offense to hold your phone while talking, texting or tracking with your gps. the family continues to fight against distracted driving. tomorrow the 5th annual heather heard 5k run and one mile walk will take place at harford community college. the race will start tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. >>> patients will have a new place to get the care they need. they opened the $160 million shock trauma critical care tower. the tower has a 64 new patient room. ten new op
the internet with some help from google. >> how scan we teach them how to be safe online if we don't have any tools. >> a lesson plan that has students racing for their smart teens and cal ripken opened up a new place for kids to play balancing. >> and the temperatures today. we talked about the high would be at midnight at 5 degrees. we hit 52 at midnight and today never out of the 30s. congratulations,. >>> you are our two-degree weather winner. when we come back we'll talk about how we may see a few or flurries. and we may push 70 degrees. it's all inside of a week when we come back.   >>> shhh. remember when you couldn't talk in the library? the pikesville library is not only encouraging you to talk but to bring a cell phone, too. the library system replaces the dewey des mal system with -- decimal system with google. >> good morning. >> reporter: students hurry if and are welcomed by the librarian. as soon as they sit down, it's off to the races with class work but no library books. they also pull out their cell phones. yes, cell phones in the library. this is no ordinary library. miss
design, you don't need those so you come done a rung at a time every place you stop. and even if you miss the hole, they snap in automatically. and then you go back to your hinge, drop this down, and when you've seen everything that a ladder can do, let me show you this. again you have to go back to the hinge, pull out your lock tabs, give it a nice tug, and you'll notice it has these non-slip feet on the bottom which makes, of course, a very nice a-frame trestle. and then, if you connect them together with the lock tabs, you have a very nice base for scaffolding. richard, would you mind handing me that aluminum plank? now, you make this too, don't you? we make these too. this is an option. now, think about this-you can make this as long as you want. you don't have to move that ladder every few feet. you can do the whole side of a house if you want to. do you want to climb up here with me? oh yes. actually, this is my favorite part of the ladder. i get so much work done this way. come on up. are you coming up here or what? how much is this built for? i mean, how much weight? i don't know
up and you don't seem worried. not a single person, not one person showed up at a hearing to discuss the pending rate hike. people from the maryland pub service commission waited 30 minutes before leaving. they want to increase the electric bill by four dollars per month and the gas bill by about two dollars a month. there are still some hearings the rest of the week. we have a list of those locations on the website at abc that was in annapolis yesterday. >>> espn taking over the naval academy. they are hosting sprint center coming up on friday and will be featured as part of the veteran's day program. it'll lead up to the airing of the armed forces classic men's basketball game friday between georgetown and oregon. there will be two live broadcasts, an lower from nine in the morning until 7:30 at night right there in navy. >> and surprise for people on the white house tour, the president and first lady greeted a long line of visitors, even bo was there to say hello. tours returned today for the first time in eight months after officials canceled the program back in march
list of the dos and don't. i'm sure you know food service workers get 10 to 20%. how about the barista or even the guy at the deli county. if they get to know you and your favorite, 50 to 75 cents a day is good. >> all right. so you are at the salon and maybe people worked on your hair. how much do you tip? >> that's a very good question. and unfortunately, i found the answer. >> i want to go to shampoo my hair or say, she will split it up. >> as for as tipping your stylist. no rule. just what you feel is appropriate for a job well done. >> i put a lot of tipping situations here about. >> what about closer relationship. like your baby-sittebaby-sitter. landscaper. especially with the holidays coming up. >> i think it is important you take care of your service friends that work with you throughout the year. >> maybe this time of yar you don't tip. instead get personal. consider a donation to your baby-sitt baby-sitter's fund. or get your landscaper's his favorite hunting license paid for. >> thanks, broi an. terry washington was the guest host on "saturday night live" over the weekend.
to fly back on saturday or on monday. don't fly back the day after thanksgiving. >> one of those lucky guys to drive to mom's house which is good but the long island expressway is not so kind either. >>> should we look at the weather? >> let's do it. >> most of the nation will be dry but showers along the gulf coast in to in florida. pacific northwest, windy in arizona apz and new mexico. >>> pleasantly warm in the south with highs in the 60s and 70s. >>> this might be the greatest animal story we have done in a long long time. it is going on right now. >> hundreds of dogs around the world are competing in the dogs world championship. it is the world canine aquatics competition. >> you are probably getting the idea by watching the video. they compete to jump the farthest and highest and they have more qualifying rounds today. the final of the individual competitions take place tomorrow and on sunday. and we are wishing good luck to all of our four-legged friends out there. >> a lot of styles out. there see that. the guy does the hang. and that is a straight, i'm going straight out. nic
tablets for $49. come on. other holiday specials are out there. >> if you don't want to weight, ipad air lets the store -- hits the stores today. apple said it's 72 times faster than the orange one. the cost is $500. >>> coming up at 6:00, we continue to educate you on the danger of the popular drug molly. christian schaffer continues his investigation into the club drug and its impact on our children. >> and we all like that extra hour of sleep but why do we we fall back anyway? those stories and more coming up at 6. here's a preview of what's coming up at 6:30. >> heroes on the court, but who are these mascots and what stuntses do they make david muir do? >>> disney on ice is back in baltimore. >> all your favorites are here, set to light. >> and he talked to several members about the show and their stay in charm city. >> reporter: with the show, disthey on ice has a celebration for all. >> we'll go through some of the typical celebrations, your birthday, wonder lanld and halloween. >> reporter: during one celebration, the audience is asked to help. >> change minnie mouse into a ball.
another 50 yards. >> so 3 things that we said, i don't know if i would be a teed off driver i'm watching tiger woods right outside of my window. >> the ones going by in the other lane. >> why are we stuck on that bridge. >> talk about rubber necking. >> tieg who are has done just about everything said this was a very cool experience. >> no doubt about it. >> it takes a lot for somebody of his caliber to say it is cool. >> because he does so many cool things. >> europe to asia pretty cool. >>> mayor of toronto admits to smoking crack. why his constituents may forgive him. >>> and later on taking a dip with the killers of the sea. a man who is trying to change the image of sharks from predator in to pet. ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by woolite every day. save them. woolite detergents clean your jeans and won't torture your tanks. so clothes look like new even after 20 washes. ♪ doing it with a cold, just not going to happen. ♪ vicks dayquil powerful non-drowsy 6-symptom cold & flu relief. ♪ no matter what city you're playing tomorrow... [ coughs ] [ male
on him and some believe that's going too far. in terms of classic bullying, i don't know. >> what about jonathan martin tonight? what are you hearing about him? here he is 312 pounds and everyone saying he's drawing up documents tonight. if he couldn't fight this, who can? >> first of all, he was stanford educated. he went to a prep school. he grew up in different environment than the normal classic football player. when this happened last week he checked himself into the hospital for emotional distress. his coach actually visited him near midnight. he never disclosed any of this to his head coach at that time. his parents came out and took him back to california where as you just said he is preparing a very specific document, lengthy document to present to the exclusive direct ter. >>> we move on next tonight. the results are in from a big day in democracy and voting in this country. republican governor chris christie won in new jersey thanks to women, hispanics and democrats who preferred him. in virginia terry mcauliffe won beating out his tea party opponent. it was a close race so w
about $80. once you're tuckered out on turkey, it's pigskin time. but hey, don't get up to grab a beer. let it come to you with the rc cooler. yep, it's a remote controlled beverage cooler that holds ice and a six-pack. take that, r2 brew2. roll with one of these for around 60 bucks. thanksgiving day, the ticky way on the futurist. >>> from gobblers to gigabytes, we did a big autumn harvest on our computers and selected the day's most savory viral video. >> viralist. >> first up, get lucky. ♪ we're up all night to get lucky ♪ ♪ we're up all night to get lucky ♪ >> the a cappella pentatonix is back with their def punk remix. ♪ ♪ work it >> what's more hypnotizing, the singing or the video? next, flex that dance muscle. check out this russian bodybuilder rock the stage by showing off his muscles and pumped up dance moves. ♪ >> look at this one. this is like a swimsuit and talent competition all in one. >>> lastly, one motivated mouse. this little guy hit the jackpot with his cookie, but he can't seem to get it back up on the ledge. again and again and again he tries. moore
in the context, i understand how eyebrows get raised but people don't know how jon and i communicate with each other. >> reporter: martin wants to play football again but isn't comfortable doing it in miami. the dolphins owner said he will meet with job na on it martin and wants to meet with richie incognito that both deserve to be heard. >>> it's set to come out later this month. but for one lucky teenager, christmas came early. >> he is now the envy of all his buddies. >> gearing up for a new concert date. how far you have to drive to see the man, justin timberlake. >> more significant snow this way. snow showers in frost bush, the home of the fighting bobcats. we'll talk about how things shape up. will it takea turn for spring like weather? we have those answers at 5. complicated as it is. but it gets down right overwhelming when you multiply it by the business of life. all those bills, budgets, accounts and taxes. it's a complex problem, but you don't have to solve it by yourself. at intuit, we make tools to help you simplify it all, so you can focus on what matters most. intuit. simplify
to try her again. >> the facts are facts. facts don't change. so we will put the same facts to the law and give the proper jury instruction this time. >> reporter: at the bail hearing she'll ask to be released while she waits to stand trial in april. she hopes to see her children before christmas. abc news, atlanta. >>> so many people shaking their heads on this one because george zimmerman used stand your ground and gets off in a situation where a young boy is dead. she fires a warning shot using stand your ground and she's in jail. >> there's no other way to look at this unless you put the racial undertones on it. immediately you think, well, the victim in george zimmerman's case was african-american. and now the american essentially, the victim here, too. the person who fired the shot in this case is african-american and look at the disparity of the two cases. hopefully we will get good news for her and she will go home and see her kids. >> her ex-husband didn't want her to go to prison and thinks it was too much. >> well, nothing happened to him. the shot was fired in to the air an
sin aid you're -- cousin said you're not supposed to ask a boy to dance. i said i don't know. she was 15. he had just turned 18 eye think i fell for her a lot harder than she fell for me. >> you were persistent. >> right, right. >> very cool. >> she was a little beauty. >> reporter: they dated for two years on and off. they wanted to get married but things were expensive back then and he wanted to make more money. those dreams changed with the war. >> come on, men, join the fight. go to your nearest recruiting station today. >> we had very few conscientious objectors back then. everyone wanted to be a part of the game. it felt -- it gave you an honor. it really gave you an honor to be doing something for the greatest country in the world. >> reporter: vern was drafted into the army but volunteered for the navy. with war young hearts quickened. his orders came and he was shipping out on a mine sweeper. everyone needed someone to remind them with they were fighting for and that was willie mae. >> issued the license. we got a minister that had married my mother and father and we were
hear gunshots. you zoo know which way to go because you don't want to get hurt. then, yeah, that's concerning. >> reporter: many of those arrested face gang charges. seven are charged with first- degree murder for killing eight people. you might remember the story of 358 carlos williams, a comcast employee who was shot in his fan. at the time of his 2010 murder, the police would not confirm this was gang related. members of the black guerilla family killed him for hoping a drug rehab facility. >> the gang operates in various sects and groups around the city. this is a major piece of this in the greenmont corridor. we're hoping it will completely dis mantle them. >> reporter: law enforcement is sending a message and won't stop until the streets are safe. >> there are still 15 still wanted. >> officials said they're confident they will make the arrests in the next two days. if you follow amy on twitter, then you knew the information. follow her at amy, abc2. >>> all right. maryland's most powerful radar shows the last of the showers. we're set for a dry evening. the wind speed will
workings typically doesn't matter to consumers. have lap lands inn gift card you don't want? it's available at kmart and sears. several companies with multiple brands allow gift cards to be used across their portfolio. you can use the olive garden gift card at red lobster or other stores. most people know that gap, told navy, banana republican are afill -- repup public are a-- republic are affiliated. if they like the card from any of these, this will work at the others. on the border. for marshall's, tj maxx and home goods. you know, i want to give you $25 for clots. technically it could be in any of these stores. >> all right. to check out more stories like this, watch "the list." >>> katy perry is the new queen bee. she edged out justin bieber on the social networking site. the 19-year-old has reined sue -- reigned supreme on twitter, passing lady gaga. >> the washington monument will look like this. the lights will be turned off so crews can remove the scaffold. it was damaged during the earthquake in 2011 and has been close since then. the national park service expects it to reopen nex
customize for the results you want. >> i don't have to drive to a salon and wait. it is exactly the same treatment as the $350 facial i had for an hour. >> announcer: call or go online to in the next 18 minutes to start your risk-free trial. and as suzanne's personal gift to you, you'll also receive her five-piece, toxic-free organics kit. the kit includes her everyday cleanser, calming toner, suzanne's ageless serum, bioactive moisturizer and anti-aging eye cream. this five-piece kit-- plus the convenient travel bag-- are valued at over $50 and are yours free just for ordering now. and even if you return your facemaster, keep the organics skin care as suzanne's gift to you. when you call, ask how you can get free shipping. >> the most important part of my beauty routine every morning is using the facemaster. and this is your chance to do something really nice for yourself and to feel good about the way you look, naturally. >> the complete facemaster system, plus free gifts worth over $50, are yours to try risk-free for 30 days. if you're not thrilled by the results, just
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